Sunday, 24 August 2008

Banned in Britain #3

BiB #3 is definitely on its way! It's been laying low for awhile but now it's on the move! When I originally started the fanzine it was to write about splatter movies. Well, I still love splatter movies but now I'm also totally in love with the wild and crazy movies of The Philippines and Indonesia. Those countries don't really make no-holds-barred movies anymore but they sure did in the 80s and I think it would be a pity to dismiss all these totally entertaining movies just to keep the magazine a kosher soapbox for splatter movie rants. I'll still cover the old genre but as I said it would be a pity to overlook these wild films not least since they're almost overlooked by everyone else! I still haven't found just ONE magazine that for instance covered the over-the-top Filipino war movies. Or did a feature on Barry Prima. Or Eva Arnaz. Or out-of-this-world amazing director Arizal. Well, if that's not reason enough to write about them then how about this: They are awesome!! They're totally crazy and... even more crazy!!! So, there. Decision made: We write about them. LOL. I have no idea when the mag is gonna come out but hopefully sometime this year.

I should point out tho that one reviewer who does write (enthusiastically I might add) about these films is Fred Adelman in his eFanzine "Critical Condition". I highly recommend it.

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