Monday, 25 August 2008

Stay Sick! #5

As is the case with Banned in Britain #3 Stay Sick! #5 is also on the way! There's still quite a bit of way to go, not least because in the years that have passed since #4 I have kept changing what I want to include in the mag. Actually, I could easily have put out an issue long ago, that's how much material I've already got lying around in my drawers (well, computerised drawers!). But although I'm working on new issues of both magazines I'm definitely planning on an SS! release first! But hopefully I'll get both mags out before the end of the year.

Content wise it'll be a very different magazine to what regular readers are used to. Both in terms of contents and look. I'm going for a professionally printed edition this time! No more home made stuff. No more DIY magazine. No more endless trips to the office supply store to get laserprinter print!! That's for damn sure. I am sooo sick of home made magazines!! My own home made magazines that is.

I'm not going to reveal anything about the contents except to say if you're an old reader you might get a surprise.

...and the usual crowd of rabid "Italian cinema is God and new American horror cinema sucks" protesters amongst the Danish film collectors will probably go into a seizure when they see the magazine, hahaha. They might as well start foaming right away, hahaha.

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