Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Review: Stay Sick! #4

I stumbled over this way old review of Stay Sick! #4 which I had totally forgotten all about. It's written by Simon Nielsen and originally printed in the online garage and punk rock magazine Lowcut Magazine #11 (2004).
Lowcut replaced the print magazine Moshable when they closed in 2000 and it's run by some of the same people.

Review from Lowcut:
Stay Sick! Magazine #4 parts 1+2
I might just as well have written this review in Danish cuz this is written in Danish. Never mind. Maybe this can tempt people from outside Denmark to send Jack the editor some stuff.
In the grand tradition of Psychotronic video SS! reviews obscure, sleazy, stupid, gory, sexy(?), weird film on video (mostly). These guys seem overtly dedicated to the good old VHS and especially old Danish ex-rentals and they know what they’re talking about too. Any Scandinavian sleaze hound should get their hands on this. Besides the huge review section – which includes a special section for Asian trash as well as Turkish exploitation – you get a super interesting interview with Danish born Michael Porel who’s worked for American International, Avco Embassy and New World Pictures, as well as a Space:1999 feature, Robin Hood movies, Baby Woodrose interview (by none other than Lowcut’s very own Hetero Jens), Rune T. Kidde feature and lots of funny, stupid, adolescent even bits and pieces about film, music and comics. It would’ve been great in English and I know Jack writes excellent in that language as well, but I don’t think we can persuade him to change away from Danish. Too bad for everybody who can’t read that. Everybody else should get a hold of this pronto. 50 DKK/NOK/SEK postpaid in Scandinavia from:
[old address]

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