Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Obskuriøst #15 (2015) - photo

Henrik Larsen has just published issue #15 of his long running Danish language film and pop-culture magazine Obskuriøst. The new issue sports a spiffy old photo of yours truly. The picture was taken at a video night at Henrik's old pad in Copenhagen, Denmark ten years ago. Henrik showed me the photo a little while ago which was a bit of a surprise as I'd never seen it before and had completely forgotten pictures had been taken. But then again, ten years is a long time. 

Cover: Bo Gorzelak Pedersen

We ran a little video club at Henrik's place in the mid 2000s. None of us are sure how long it ran for but it was somewhere between three to five years.

Photo: Henrik Larsen (2005)

- Order Obskuriøst through Henrik's blog. The new issue is 50 DKK plus PP. Keep in mind though, the mag is entirely in Danish.

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